Unlocking Family Business Potential

Long-term equity investments in established Dominican companies

Plataforma Capital Group is a private equity firm dedicated to the growth and development of industry-leading, family-owned businesses in the Dominican Republic.

We employ our financial, strategic, operational and entrepreneurial expertise in partnership with founders, families and strong management teams to add value to established companies.


Partnership Mentality

We partner with founders, families and strong management teams to create long-term value by improving operational performance and providing in-depth strategic analysis. Our long-term partnership mentality allows us to focus on the development and continued success of the family business legacy.

Institutional-Minded Growth

We seek growth through the development of our people, processes, and technology. We aim to transform family-owned businesses into institutionally-minded enterprises. Our operating model is designed to develop functional organizational structures in family businesses.

Strong D.R. Focused Network

Our strong network can help us identify and improve family-owned businesses. We seek input from our network of industry experts and investment professionals to inform our perspective and help us identify sector growth opportunities. We uncover value in situations where other buyers do not have the necessary resources or expertise to do so.

Investment Criteria

We look for family-owned businesses headquartered in the Dominican Republic. We prefer companies with attractive market positions, consistent cash flows and favorable growth prospects.



Logistics & Distribution


Business Services





$1.5MM - $5MM

Equity Investment

$2.5MM - $15MM

Transaction Value

$5MM - $30MM

Transaction Structures


Family business owners often have considerable needs, such as a liquidity event to diversify a portfolio, that must be addressed despite their excitement about the long-term prospects of the business. Through a recapitalization, we help owners sell a significant stake of the business while remaining meaningful equity holders and key decision-makers.

Transitional Recapitalizations

Frequently, owners will look to remove themselves from the day-to-day operations of the business by transitioning ownership to family members and/or management teams with key roles in the organization. These situations are often filled with interpersonal and family dynamics that require the help of an experienced team. Our partnership mentality allows us to structure a clean ownership transition that is aligned with the long-term objectives of the family business.


Occasionally, we will fully acquire established family-owned businesses. As partners, we will take the time to understand the existing marketplace opportunities and then provide the required capital to propel long-term institutional growth.


Our Investment Team has years of experience working alongside successful family-owned businesses in the Dominican Republic. Our advisors are successful investors, operators, and business leaders that lend their experience, insight, and connections to the Plataforma Investment Team.

Investment Team

roberto arias
Roberto Arias


Advisory Council

john fruehwirth
John Fruehwirth


adam bennett
Adam Bennett


adam duggins
Adam Duggins



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